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Parent using a smartphone to check on sleeping baby
May 13, 2024

Leading Baby Safety Tips In Decatur

If you’re like the majority of new parents, you want to do all that you can to keep your newborn shielded from harm. You know you must have a baby gate and outlet guards, but what else could you think about? Check out these top baby safety tips in Decatur and see how a home security system can help.

Monitored Safety Alarms In Decatur Boost Your Peace Of Mind

It’s always a good move to look at the basics and consider the general defense of your home. When did you last test your smoke detectors? Have you installed a carbon monoxide alarm? Whether you just recently moved in or have occupied the same house for a while, start with these critical components.

You may take your protection a step further by switching to monitored safety alarms. You are able to custom-tailor modern home security systems with these valuable tools that give exhausted parents of babies added peace of mind. If an alarm doesn’t stir you, your professional monitoring service has you covered. Your home’s security can also help in even more ways, including surveillance.

Turn Your Indoor Camera Into A Baby Monitor

Advanced home security inside cameras work as high-quality baby monitors. They provide clear HD images, bi-directional communication functionality, and night vision. What’s more, you may access the video stream through the convenient security app on your cell phone. Check in on your loved one any time you wish, and even speak a few words to try and calm a restless sleeper. If you have a nanny or other childcare provider, you will appreciate being able to see how they are getting along.

Additional Baby Safety Tips For Your Decatur Home

After you have a video camera observing the newest member of your family, you may look at other areas of your house. Here are a few additional baby safety tips in Decatur to assist you when your little one is more on the go.

  • Connect baby gates at the bottom and top of the stairs.
  • Keep your baby within arm’s reach when bathing.
  • Avoid leaving your baby on their own where they might fall, like on couches, beds, and chairs.
  • Lay your newborn on her back for rest time, and keep the cradle devoid of stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, and comforters that could cause suffocation.
  • Place guards on sharp corners like glass tables.
  • Connect tall objects like dressers and bookcases into the wall to avoid accidents.
  • Utilize a safety strap on your diaper-changing table.
  • Place protective covers on electrical outlets and keep electrical cords unreachable.
  • Fasten window blind cords in a way that they can’t be grabbed by your baby, or pick a better window treatment.
  • Put baby-proof locks on bath and kitchen cabinets, and be sure that cleaning chemicals are locked up.
  • Look for small objects. Collect anything your inquisitive child might try to put in her mouth.
  • Avoid carrying your child when making dinner to prevent burns.

Let Secure24 Alarm Systems Help Protect Your Baby With A Modern Home Security System

Keep all family members safeguarded with a modern home security system in Decatur from Secure24 Alarm Systems. You will benefit from current advancements like high-def interior cameras, monitored fire alarms, and instant access via your cell phone. Call (256) 246-8823 today to design a safe setting for your baby and children of all age groups.