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October 02, 2023

Ideas For Decatur Home Security Landscaping To Shield Your Home

Landscaping is known to bring appeal, function, and value to properties. But it will also impact your home’s security. Look over the following Decatur home security landscaping suggestions and learn how to better protect your home.

No. 1: Keep Your Yard Well Maintained

What impression does your yard convey? A well-groomed landscape with a mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs, and defined mulch beds lets interested parties know you’re attentive to your surroundings. On the contrary, neglected grass and weeds indicate you’re lax about your yard and might not put an emphasis on your home security either. Don’t give the wrong impression and make your home more susceptible to burglary.

No. 2: Brighten Your Decatur Property

Darkness is a friend to thieves as they want to remain unseen. Don’t give it to them. Rather, install varied kinds of lighting throughout your property. You probably already use a front porch light, but you ought to integrate motion-sensing lighting in other spots like your back door or near your garage. Use solar lights next to a garden path and accent lights by retaining walls or trees. In doing so, you can remove potential hiding places while adding a distinctive touch to your yard. You might even set interior smart lights to switch on when movement is observed outside.

No. 3: Keep A Clear Sightline

You should be able to view all parts of your yard from the interior. Keep shrubs and bushes lower than three feet so you don’t obstruct your perspective. If you’re buying new plants from a nursery, check the label to get an idea of how big they may become. In general, it’s best to avoid hedges and more sizable vegetation, specifically around access points like your garage.

No. 4: Maintain A Close Watch With Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are one of the most powerful crime deterrents. Simply having them visible is enough to dissuade most prospective trespassers. With that in mind, keep your outdoor surveillance easily seen but elevated enough so it can't be disturbed easily. When you're not home, you can inspect live camera footage through your handy mobile security app. In addition, alerts can be delivered right to your phone if your devices detect suspect activity.

No. 5: Defensive Flora Is Effective As Decatur Home Security Landscaping

Not too many burglars will wish to navigate a thorny bush to get to your first-floor window. You’ll want to select plants appropriate for your climate, but you can utilize rose bushes, dwarf bougainvillea, holly, and gooseberry bushes as defensive vegetation. Don’t forget, your plant life must be under three feet tall if placed next to windows, and if there are little ones in your home, they might not be the ideal option.

Support Your Secure Landscape With A Home Security System In Decatur

An innovative home defense from Secure24 Alarm Systems is the perfect back-up to your Decatur home security landscaping. Our well-designed packages offer powerful tools like exterior surveillance, automation, and control through vocal commands. Besides, our sign will look great in your well-maintained yard. Dial (256) 246-8823 today and personalize a system to your home’s precise requirements.